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Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

The problem was severe enough for the firm to release an emergency patch -- Java 7 Update 11 -- over the weekend. However, security experts have warned that the changes do not go far enough.

Security researcher Adam Gowdiak from Security Explorations has been keeping an eye on the software flaws in Java over the past year. Once Gowdiak analyzed the latest update to Java, he found that the patch still leaves a number of "critical security flaws," according to Reuters. This statement, mirrored by AlienVault Labs' Jaime Blasco who branded Oracle's offering as a "mess," was later reinforced by the firm's recommendation against using the software.

"We don't dare to tell users that it's safe to enable Java again," Gowdiak commented

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I notice that Pale Moon has disabled the Java (TM) Platform but it still leaves the Java Deployment Toolkit enabled in its Add-ons Manager. Should both be disabled? What does the Deployment Toolkit do?
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I think that is used by developers who develop Java apps.

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Hence the reason why I continue to keep it disabled. Doesn't seem needed anyway for me.