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Chicago, IL
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Re: Bizarre murder in Joliet

Leopold and Loeb (I live a block away from where all of the people involved lived, and only about a mile from Clarance Darrow's house) kidnapped a young boy - and killed him after sending out a ransom note. And everyone involved - Leopold, Loeb, and poor Bobby Franks were from very wealthy families. The old Franks house - empty for about 25 years - is now undergoing a gut rehab. It's huge. The old Loeb house - destroyed in a fire in the 1970s was so big there are two huge McMansions on the site of it now. One is for sale for $1.25 mil. Here's the listing.


This sounds nothing like that. From what I read, they lured these people to a house, strangled them and tried to dismember them. They then went into another room and played video games. How this is like the Bobby Franks murder I don't know - seems totally dissimilar in terms of both motive and how it came down. All the perps are white and the two victims are black - may there have been a racial motive as well? If it was 4 black kids killing 2 white kids the media would be full of that implication.

It sounds like a meth sort of thing, but who knows? None of these kids had major records - some little stuff maybe. Extremely barbaric and brutal. And seemingly motiveless, unless a petty robber is a motive for a brutal hands-on double murder.
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