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Victoria, BC

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Re: [General] Why don't BYOD providers offer provisioning?

said by nitzan:

As far as services that provide pre-provisioned adapters being more expensive- that has less to do with the provisioning and more to do with the fact they provide a plug-and-play experience. BYOD users have a lot more options (competition) than plug-and-play folks.

Emphasis mine.

Bingo. I cannot ship hardware out to my customers that requires them to configure it; it must be plug and play. This means any products that AcroVoice considers offering must have a provisioning system, and it must be fully implemented on this side.

Customers who like to tinker with their settings, or mix and match multiple providers, do not want one provider managing their settings. It creates conflicts and removes the user's ability to control all aspects, as many BYOD users would like.

BTW, Obihai does provide a portal that pretty much takes care of autoconfiguration for many BYOD providers. You can choose your provider, enter your SIP credentials, and be done.
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