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Lex Luthor
Hicksville, NY

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reply to QuaffAPint

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 Multimedia Device Issue

said by QuaffAPint:

Does the wdlive show up in your device manager? Can you ping it from your w8 PC? Can you access the web console from your w8 pc? Did you try disabling the PCs firewall? Are all devices on the same network hardware - meaning there's no extra router/switch on the w8 pc one?

Not at the PC now, but I don't know if it shows up in device manager on either Win 7 or Win 8. Will check.

Yes, I can ping it. It shows up as a network location (which it also does on Win 7), but not as a Device. Yes, I disabled the firewall. No, no extra hardware. The Win 8 PC is wired to the router. The Win 7 PCs are wireless. Can't see how that would matter though.

What do you mean web console? Not sure I knew that the WDTV had a web console. How would I test that? I wouldn't imagine that I could access the web console since it's not showing up as a device in Win 8.

This is really a frustrating problem. It's got to be something simple in the end. Maybe a service I turned off or something (UPNP and SSDP services are both running). I only have the Microsoft AV running, no other AV.