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New York, NY
reply to Carpie

Re: Alchemy specs

I'm currently Elixir spec (which also covers Flasks), and would generally recommend either that or Transmution depending on what you want it for.

Potions give very short term buffs (usually 30 seconds or less), so unless you're using them for something special (progression raiding for that extra bit of dps, or maybe pvp or something), I wouldn't expect to be using them that often. The exception would be healing/mana potions, but I tend to get a bunch of those from other sources (lockboxes, Blingtron 4000, etc.)

Elixir spec covers Elixirs and Flasks, which are the longer term buffs. Getting extra Flask procs is nice, and can keep you in enough flasks and elixirs to cover raiding or dungeons or whatever. You can probably make decent gold selling the extra procs too, though it'll be a bunch of relatively small sales.

I'm guessing Transmute spec would be the most "large profit at once" spec, as if you hit on extra Living Steel or whatever, those will sell for quite a bit. I was transmute spec a few expansions back and found that it didn't proc often enough for my tastes, but I'm not sure how it is these days.
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Good advice by all. After reading this I'm leaning more towards the Elixir spec now. Even though living like a dragon is cool, I'm not out to sit on a pile of gold so transmute is on the bottom of th list for me.