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Montreal, QC
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Re: Voltage Versus Teksavvy, Round 2 Continued

That's not TekSavvy's problem, that's Voltage's problem. Want a mass request of 1000 IP addresses? Well, that's expensive, so you're going to have to pay up.

$200 per IP doesn't sound so silly to me. For each IP address, they have to go through all sorts of checks, and this is not an automated process. They'd have to manually look up the information (and such queries are probably not fast either), it'd have to be verified, they'd have to do the notifications, they'd have to spend time investigating any errors in Voltage's information (to see why half the IPs don't correlate, they'd need to investigate why)... You've got high-paid executives meeting, you've got tens of thousands in legal fees, you've got custom development work done for the myworld notifications, you've got the e-mail stuff and validation they're sent and received correctly... $190k total claimed costs seems reasonable to me.
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