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ferroequine fan

[FireFox] Firefox = crash, crash, crash

A coworker was having a problem with Firefox crashing. OK what version is it? I go to Help> About and the FF window goes grey. Title bar shows Firefox is not responding and then FF crashes. WTF?
Today FF (16.1) starts crashing on my computer randomly. I select Restart Firefox. FF starts with an empty tab. All the tabs open when it crashed are gone. FF was configured to start with my homepage. Now its opening with an empty tab.

I had all kinds of problems with Thunderbird last year and threw that away. Now Firefox has become a pita. When I've gone to the mozilla forums my requests for help usually go unanswered. Is there someplace I can go to download version 9.x of Firefox or is it time to make Chrome the default browser?

Carpentersville, IL
If you are looking for an older version of Firefox, you can get all the versions here

»ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/ ··· eleases/

However, my suggestion would be to start with a fresh install of Firefox using the latest version (18.0), and use a new profile, and see how that goes.

Depending on how long you have used it, and how many extensions you may have, there is a chance that one (or more) may no longer be supported. I've also had cases where a profile just has issues, and odd things start happening. Going with a new profile most times will fix the issues.

I've been using Thunderbird and Firefox for at least 4 years now. However, every so often when a new version comes out, instead of doing an upgrade, I'll do a fresh install to a new profile. Of course, I may take things a bit extreme, where I'll only save my bookmarks, and then dump everything else. Since I don't have any extensions, and only 3 plug-ins (Java, Flash, and Silverlight), its easy for me to set everything up again.

--Brian Plencner

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