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Barnhart, MO

Permastone by NAFCO

Has anybody had any experience with Permastone? I was at a house the other day and was very impressed with the looks of it. I was fooled before I touched it thinking it was "real" tile. And come to find out a pretty good warranty.

At some point in time I want to give my kitchen an overhaul. The floor will not take ceramic do to the floors deflection. I tried looking for info on deflection min. for the product but haven't had any luck yet. I called the mfg. and talked to a lady who seemed to not understand what I was looking for but was going to send me an email with product info etc.

I know I can beef up the floor but would like to not have to do that. If I do I might as well go ceramic then. I haven't looked at pricing yet so it might be out of reach, but still would like the info.
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