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reply to dennismurphy

Re: Water softener - dedicate circuit?

said by dennismurphy:

said by sk1939:

No reason not to then, although I would personally put the GFCI as the next outlet down stream just so a trip doesn't kill your water supply. Alternatively, you could just extend the circuit and if you have breakers replace it with a GFCI or Arc-Fault breaker.

The timer on the water softener has no bearing on water flow; a tripped gfci would just mean the regeneration cycle wouldn't happen if it were scheduled that day. No big deal.

Good stuff - thanks all!! Saves me from dragging cable through the attic.

If the GFCI trips while the softener is running a cycle, the timer won't advance until the power is restored. Depending on where in the regen cycle power is lost, the amount of time it takes to notice the tripped GFCI and restore power and your water/sewer rates, quite a bill could rack up. While unlikely to be a problem, it may be worth considering placement of the GFCI downstream of the softener outlet. Just my $0.02

Leander, TX
That would be against code.