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London, ON
reply to Thane_Bitter

Re: Your thoughts on Start.ca DSL - London Area anyone?

TB... First, Start has been providing DSL service a lot longer than their cable service. I used to think they were a 'Downtown London' only service, until about 15 months ago, when I learned their DSL was available province-wide.

Last summer, I decided to move my 5M DSL from one phone line to the other line here in the house. I had been with another larger IISP for about 8 years, but I ended up switching to Start during this process, to save money. Now, for this transition, I did actually buy and use a Bell Grab 'N' Go kit from Dell, so Bell did all the work to make sure the MUCH OLDER phone line I was switching to worked OK. The Bell tech was probably here 2 hours.

When I switched from Bell to Start a couple months later, their was no downtime at all that I noticed. There were a couple information emails from Start, and a follow-up phone-call from them too. Perhaps the line profile DID fluctuate for a day or two, but I had to do nothing to have it stabilize, at full speed.

I have had no problems at all with Start DSL; I have used Start Customer Service once since startup to help me with some questions on my even older backup DSL modem, and the replies were prompt and informative.

Start's presence on CdnBB and their own forum on DSLR is good too.

I realize I am also lucky that we have two good quality phone lines here for DSL. Unfortunately 5M/6M is top speed; no FTTN here, but that's on BELL's shoulders! I'm in the north-east core, Oxford & McNay area.

Inquire within
Thanks jasmo34,

Did you get a modem from start (if so which one), or did you stick with the G&G Bell modem?


London, ON

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I already had my own modems & routers. The Bell "2-Wire" modem/router had to go back.

For several years, I was using a GNet BB2060 modem and a Netgear router (a Factory Direct refurb special); never had any connection troubles with them.

Now, I am using a combo modem & wireless router, a TP-Link W8960N and it also works fine. I switched just because it was newer, and the price was right (I'm storing it for a relative)! It is actually slower by maybe 60 Kbps on speedtests than using my GNet/NetG pair. I have no QOS or other fancy features enabled.