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Kansas City, MO
reply to motorola870

Re: New speeds in KCMO

said by motorola870:

said by mdpeterman:

Really TWC? 105/5? That's the most ridiculous thing I've seen. Every other ISP offering 100+Mbps offers at least 10, some 20mbps. What cost is there for TWC to offer faster upload speeds? If I need to upload a 5GB file, I'm going to upload it if it takes 2 hours or 4. I'm going to use the bandwidth so just provide a reasonable upload speed.

not true and it is 100/5 not 105/5 the 101Mbps download includes the padding overhead that TWC provides on extreme and ultimate. Also suddenlink offers 107/5 in some markets so not all companies offer more than 10Mbps on the upload with 100Mbps. Also Charter doesn't offer more than 5Mbps on the upload for their 100Mbps product either.

There is no cost to offer faster upload speeds for TWC up the upload speed just need a clean return path and upstream bonding enabled. Although I wonder what is the acceptable max the system can handle due to how TWC provisions their CMTS with the mix of QAM64 and QAM16 upstreams as some areas have 4 upstreams while others only have 2 or 3. My areas is already upstream bonding and has 6 downstream QAMs for internet.

I think TWC is in the processing of bonding everyone to 4 upstream channels, just haven't gotten them all done yet. I think once that is done, the rumor is that it will be 100/25 and 50/10, but may end up just being 100/10 and 50/10. Hopefully we'll see soon