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Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

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reply to Mele20

Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

said by Mele20:

said by StuartMW:

said by Name Game:

Where did you get your info there is a newer version?

I wouldn't be surprised if the version number of Java for Apple machines is higher (or lower). That may, or may not, mean anything. After all Google (with Chrome) and Microsoft (with IE10) have different numbers for their embedded Adobe Flash Player.

There was a time when version numbers meant something. These days not so much. For example look at Mozilla Firefox. They bump a major version every month or so.

I read this in one of the security articles. I'll see if I can find it again. The article's author may have been misinformed but said that Apple, contrary to what was being bandied about the internet, was not disabling Java but instead requiring users to update Java to a brand new version not yet publicly available. I wasn't confused by the difference in numbering for Apple vs Windows but perhaps the author of the comment could have been.

Nevertheless your info was wrong. Period.

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