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Re: [iPhone] Next iPhone revision?

said by Anonymous:

...Another friend has an iPhone 5 and its just so plain looking. The screen is small and you can't customize it that much. His teenage kids wanted an iPhone so bad but they are now not really impressed. Apparently even kids think owning an iPhone is not cool anymore. Too bad he's locked in a contract but I do enjoy rubbing it in.

Apple has bet everything on one product and judging by the share price its not looking good

The thing is, and I've been saying this for a couple years now, is that iOS look & feel has gotten stale... Think about it, it barely changed since the original... they've made it better of course, but its still not customizable by the user, hell it even took time for Apple to allow a custom wallpaper behind the icons... The icons are the same plain stuff, no interactive lock screen, no active widgets or icons, etc etc....

There are so many Android devices that have different looks, skins, customizations beyond your wildest dreams... A friend of mine has a relatively mid range Motorola Razr V, and the stuff he has on it is pretty damn impressive... and he doesnt need to jailbreak or install illegal crap on the phone... most of what he's gotten on it he got free (legally).
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