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Mclean, VA

[Connectivity] Arlington, VA Internet Stability T3 Timeouts Firm

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downloadTouchstone C···atus.pdf 62,437 bytes
Modem Signals
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Modem Logs
Comcast service installed in office yesterday. Had issues yesterday and today. Looks like modem was rebooted yesterday, I just pulled logs and signals from modem.

I am not new to this at all, have pretty well abandoned all cable operators for my customers where possible.

Looking over the logs, I believe the signals are at least acceptable? Maybe downstream could be a bit higher, however, what I am seeing is a lot of T3 timeouts.

Many years ago dealing with Cox on a LARGE issue we finally convinced Cox they had firmware issues. This is starting to feel like a similar issue.

I fully expect tomorrow to be the same situation.

I searched a bit, did not see anything really specific

Curious if others in Arlington, VA are seeing the same issues?

Am I correct to see this as a firmware issue rather than a signal/hardware issue?

Likely we will kick Comcast back to the curb where they came from?

Logs attaches, Comments welcome.

I do this for a living

Dover, DE

Re: [Connectivity] Arlington, VA Internet Stability T3 Timeouts

t3s generally mean some noise on the node causing the modem to have issues talking back to the CMTS. a call in to obtain your upstream signal to noise reading would show this. anything under 30db would be an issue.
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Mclean, VA
Thanks for your response.

I agree that the upstream could be an issue, however, I am expecting either RF clock slips and/or firmware issues as well.

Comcast came out today and replaced the modem and claimed they reworked the RF signal path. But even since the modem was replaced and the signal path was reworked I was remoted into the site and on the phone with staff and we were again disconnected.

I need to get the user name and password for the "commercial" version on the modem so I can access the logs and likely see that the T3 timeouts are still the problem.

Likely they are, but this problem is also impacting other Comcast tenants in the same vicinity so this is not a site specific issue.

My end user is likely to kick this back to the curb within the next 48 hours, I do not blame them!