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Miami, FL
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Instead of saying "Oh cool T-mobile is now getting LTE launched and pushing America's broadband to compete with other countries we envy". We cry about how Verizon has LTE deployed all over and to hell with any other carrier does.

What a bunch of clowns.


I have a Nexus 4 and an iPhone 5 on the T-mobile $30 plan (unlimited text, 5GB 4G and 100min). I only pay $26.99 per month per phone, if you look hard enough. CallingMart is nice too as you accumulate points. I'm saving $65 a month with T-Mobile.



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reply to michieru
Unfortunately that's what happens anytime anyone discusses T-mobile. You get the coverage,coverage, edge complaint and no one talks about the actual headline.

What I don't get is that, I don't think their is a single T-mobile customer who doesn't get the fact that in comparison to the other big three, T-mobile's coverage is not as comprehensive. For myself in NJ and the places I travel mostly in the Northeast, coverage is very good and the speeds are fantastic, I don't feel I downgraded at all from Verizon LTE and people who live in areas like mine (who often rarely travel to the more rural areas) That's who T-mobile is currently focusing on and it makes good economic sense that they do for now.

We get that they're weaker in the middle of the country, as well as some other areas, but the truth is that many on the East and West coasts never go there, and even among those that do, it's normally just to the cities. The definitely have more concentrated coverage on the West and East Coast. T-mobile doesn't have the huge coffers that AT&T and Verizon has, for now they have to target upgrades to the places that will get them the most bang for their buck and that means the densely populated East and West Coasts as well as a few other areas. For those of us who live in well covered areas it's a great network that saves us quite a bit of money.

Hopefully all of their work will pay off and the subscriber base in these areas, thanks to LTE and the addition of the iPhone this year, will grow and then they can invest more in the middle of the country. You can't expect a cash strapped company to just overnight deploy 4G everywhere.


Bothell, WA
I think you need to substitute California for West Coast. T-Mobile does not have near the coverage of AT&T in WA and OR.
Just sayin, as I am a MVNO/WIND Canada roamer on T-Mobile.
T-Mobile does not cover suburban Seattle with 3G in the Seattle suburbs. I am only 12 miles from Seattle city limits, and our coverage is inconsistent to dropping inside the house. The big three cover our area very well. I know LG phones may not work at all on our street when I hear guests visiting saying 'my phone doesn't work'. We need a closer tower and/or pointed our way. The micro tower a little over a mile away is pathetic in our wooded area. Our house is actually on a ridge. Even Sprint figured out our area like 8+ years ago.