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Siren, WI
reply to prairiesky

Re: Different speeds for different technologies

said by prairiesky:

They almost all have different prices which are somewhat in line with the speeds.

And I think rather than defining my tiers based on speeds, I might define them based on prices. I plan on doing fiber later this year too, and across the 3 vastly different speed tiers, I plan on keeping pricing the same, $40, $60, $80.

I'm thinking along the lines of: Here's the $40 package, and then give a couple columns with the speeds. So on the "core" network, you get 1 meg, on the "extended network, you get 768k. I could easily add a third column for "fiber" pricing with whatever speed that ends up being. Then I do the same for the $60 package and the $80 packages.

I'll just have to try putting it together visually and see how understandable it looks on paper. If nothing else, I have a "home show" coming up in about 2 months that I'll have plenty of opportunities to test out different methods on a bunch of different people and see what seems to make the most sense to people.