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Ottawa, ON

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Re: Before I Rip This MF'ing Wire Out

said by Chinabound:

My house is 35 years old ... everything was ok for about 5 minutes, then it tripped again ...it was recommended that I replace this breaker ... because it is, after all, 35 years old.

I just wanted to comment that your wiring is also 35 years old. If new breaker also trips randomly, consider reducing some load in that bathroom or running a new cable.

If insulation is old or damaged, its resistance is lower and leakage current could become substantial. The insulation protecting longer conductors has higher capacitance, which can cause even more leakage current

»www.fluke.com/fluke/usen/communi ··· rips.htm

Standard GFCI trip around 5mA which is quite low (considering it takes 50mA+ to harm us) but I don't know if adjustable trip current breakers are allowed at US homes.