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Re: [BC] Re: Internal Gateway Problems

I think this is great info just curious I traced your example to yet interestingly enough I only see x.arin.net and a few other arin's top level assignment of your rc2ar-ge9-1 to ed.shawcable.net so assuming that your base for building your net is on this I am either on a tier above yours or possibly even on your local and cant see it. Strange enough I am not on shaw so I cant see that as being possible.

As you all know the internet all has its peers From Tier 1 and downwards can we all agree that arin is the ultimate top level in-addr.arpa designation or do you also mix with in-addr-servers.arpa lists as well?

So as you can see there is many alternate paths to the same place on the net and things are always as they appear.

Since I see arin first and the second designation of shaws servers for that gateway something is a bit off from where I am. Maybe we share a internal gateway or something.

rc2ar-ge9-1 could be a local for me maybe and I see arin's delegation to the whole name since we share a faster path to the same place?

Hmmm interesting though thanks for this I learning allot on how the nets made.