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FiOS Mobile App

Has anyone noticed that the FiOS Mobile App with Streaming has some weird, probably unnoticed bugs?

I have personally noticed two: One is the Standard Def channel 123 of Investigation Discovery. It is labeled under SD, but the feed is their High Def channel.

I say, if they knew of this, just remap it under channel 623 in the app , so people know it is High Def, and keep the HD feed. But the again , maybe they would change to the SD channel stream of it. I sure would def like it to remain HD feed. But Who knows what VZ will do if or when they find out about this .

The second is: the EPIX HD channel seems to be in Standard Def, as well as zoomed in to fill the screen. It's very odd.

Also, IMHO, I wish for this app, is that it would have all channels in HD that have an HD equivalent channel (ex. Investigation Discovery). Why put the SD feed up when their channel is also in HD. Even streaming wise, I can see a big difference between SD and HD feeds. To me, it just makes more sense. but if there is no HD equivalent channel, (like Military), then it just makes sense to steam in SD.

So all-in-all, If they do anything however, I say they Must fix the "True Bug" that is going on with the EPIX HD feed. The one with Investigation Discovery to me, is just a pleasant "oops" Easter Egg Bug, if you will.


Belleville, NJ
How can you determine something is HD on an iPad?


Basically the same way one can determine / see the difference between a SD channel's picture quality , and an HD's picture's quality.

To me, it's a Night and Day difference.