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Rosedale, WV
·HughesNet Satell..
reply to neonhomer

Re: Repair or replace

I would fix this one up. You can probably fix the weak hinges. Take the key board and stuff out and clean it out, and apply Arctic Silver Ceramique to the Processor and Video chip. It WILL cool it back down.
The DVD Rom is replaceable from Newegg.com, but you may need to get creative with the plastic on the faceplate. The Battery is the sticking point, depending on the model it can be expensive. Also you may just plug it into the wall, if its for a backup machine.

With that said, I shop here a lot for Dell parts and they are super nice folks.
Here is a link to their Refurb area.

Edgewater, FL

Actually, I already run regular Arctic Silver on the cpu and gpu. It does help, but this thing has a freakin desktop processor in it!

The hinges break on this thing.. This will be the fourth set I have put on there.

I'm probably going to fix it, and then see about a new one after I get my "new" van running...


Rosedale, WV
·HughesNet Satell..

Underclocking as was said up above will help you then.
I did not know it was a desktop cpu. If its a 3.2 Ghz then a underclock to probably 2.8 Ghz will help loads. A laptop cooler is not designed to wick the heat of a desktop cpu. Another thing one may do is use a Laptop mat with fans in conjunction of underclocking.

Win 8 is salvagable as long as you run Classic Shell to mimic Win 7 or XP's GUI.