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Gloucester, ON
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reply to bt

Re: Why Do you stay?

said by bt:

Give it a week or two, their speeds will be changing to match the new Rogers speeds very shortly.

And don't forget the $3 price increase from Rogers ($2.25 after discount!), which makes the difference in monthly cost between them and Start $1.20. Though to be fair Start's pricing might change with the new speeds.

Rogers also has purchase or rental of the modem required.

I see start has changed their "speeds".. they look nice... in fact at 1st glance they seem to be the same as Rogers.

For $50 on Start I can get 35/3 with 250GB cap (plus cost of modem) so say $53/month (3/month assuming modem lasts 3 years)

For $52/month on Rogers I get 200 GB cap (this includes the modem rental)

Start looks like a decent option; but not worth the switch (for me)...