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reply to Fleeced

Re: [TWC] cable and wifi

said by Fleeced:

TBH, I would suggest you get your own wireless router. They range from 50-200 (250 I think is the most I've seen for a home use router), you control the wireless aspects of it, and they're generally better than most all in ones.

The wireless prices from TWC range from 3.95/mo - 11.95 depending on market. They would send you a new piece of equipment you'd end up hooking up yourself and then have to call in to set up wireless, assuming you're in an area that even changes the wireless. Setting up wireless information is pretty painless now with your own equipment. That way, also, if their modem breaks and they replace it, you don't have to worry about getting your wireless settings EXACTLY the same because they won't change with your own equipment.

And those prices are plus what we pay now? And we will have cable support still?
Thank you.