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Gloucester, ON
reply to tomdlgns

Re: having a really tough time with Dell bloatware

Sorry to hear you're having the issues you are.

The program you mention is indeed very hard to uninstall in fact a while back it was badly installed on many computers.

Dell DID have an uninstall for it however and I can't recall.

I do know we had about 2 pages of torture to go through to get rid of the damn thing only to re-install it correctly because it was done that badly.

"Decrapifier" and others like that will fail becasue it isn't bloatware it is indeed the fingerprint portion of the hardware and that's part of the problem, the software is if I recall right activated by the drivers for it.

Here is a link I found that looks a lot like the nightmare we use to go through.

If some steps are not possible go to the next as if you had done it (that's what we had done) and indeed you will notice the steps include one to go into the BIOS.

»dell.wave.com/support/uninstall- ··· -ets#ETS

Chicago, IL
reply to tomdlgns
i was on site today, booted into bios and saw nothing that would allow me to disable any hardware that would cause this program to not uninstall (wave).

there were a few things that did look like something i wouldnt want running, but when i checked the status, the enable box was not checked on any of these items.

very strange, but more frustrating.

Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
said by tomdlgns:

i am remotely connected to this PC. i know i can boot it into safe mode with networking, but not sure if logmein or VNC will start in safe mode so i can remote in.

Just for future reference, you can do a "safe mode reboot" from within LogMeIn, which will do exactly that, reboot into safe mode + logmein.
If you are using the website - go to the "main menu" for the computer, select Preferences - then Advanced - and click on "View Reboot Options".

I haven't seen that software on any of the Vostros that have come in lately. Are you maybe buying from the Home/Inspiron line?

Seattle, WA
reply to tomdlgns
This software works with the Intel TPM on Dell computers, of which fingerprint readers are a part. You can disable the TPM in the BIOS.

Supporting about 200 Dell PCs right now and I haven't seen it cause any particular problem. It might not be worth screwing with...I certainly wouldn't call it 'bloatware'.