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[Cable HSI] Same issue for months - intermittent service

I have made several calls to mediacom, all without any success. My internet goes in and out all the time. I have had a few techs to the house, all have said everything is fine. I have spoke with people on the phone over and over and no one is able to resolve my issue. I use the hotspot on my iPhone more than I use mediacom when I am in my house. When we first signed up with Mediacom, our service was fine, then they did an update of some sort, and it has never worked correctly again. I have spent several months deciding whether to pay early term fee so that I can receive service from another company. It is frustrating as I only want what I am supposed to be paying for. Because of this problem with Mediacom, my DirectTV boxes can not stay connected to my home network because my internet keeps resetting itself kicking my DTV off the home network. To fix both, I need Mediacom to correct this issue or I need to go back to Frontier (wish I would never have tried new company). I am not as computer savvy or technical as others on here, so i am not familiar with all of the jargon. I am just an unsatisfied customer with MediaCom!


Charleston, IL

Consider becoming a registered member. You can then PM MediacomChad with the telephone number associated with your acct or your acct number and he can check into this for you. He's solved a l-o-t of issues for people on this forum!


Leo, IN

Thank you. I am now registered =)

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

Hello cbdago, as mentioned above, feel free to private message me your account or phone number and I will be able to assist you.