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Re: Start Communications - New Packages

said by geokilla:

said by rocca:

said by CoreyMe:

I guess that answers my question too. Sad to hear that, but I appreciate the reply.

Some may call me a bit of an optimist at some times, but I have to think the reason it's taking _so_ long to come out with the decision is that the Commission is really trying to get it right. If they do, then consumers will likely have many more options available.

I just wanna say, that's how North Americans work. Slowly....

Question: Usage cannot be tracked by Rogers right? So technically, it is still unlimited usage. Or does APOI give Rogers the ability to track how much usage you're using?

Also, so you're still losing money on cable with each new subscriber?

I don't think they can actually track individual users but Rogers does track the entire usage and bills them based on it :/