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Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US
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Re: great

said by ArizonaSteve:

Does anyone know what this new LTE plan is? Is that different from the plan to switch 3G from 1700 to 1900Mhz? My Galaxy S-2 says it has some LTE options but I don't know what they are for.

According to T-Mobile, this upgrade comprises of a three-phase process: free up 2G spectrum, move HSPA+ to formerly 2G spectrum, and deploy LTE on formerly HSPA+ spectrum.

I.E. Most LTE on the AWS band.

more from the article.. "The final phase is actually the simplest one. The new equipment that T-Mobile is using for HSPA+ and LTE deployment supports remote software upgrades and reconfiguration. A network upgrade patch would be sent out to all stations with the new equipment, instructing cells to begin transmitting and receiving LTE on the AWS band. It is because of this that T-Mobile will be able to deploy LTE very quickly to a large portion of its native coverage once all the old equipment is replaced."