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Re: [BC] Optik TV - Install w/ Ethernet or HPNA through coax bet

I have no idea either way and not qualified or licensed to answer this question but dont let that stop me from interjecting my own opinion. Wire is wire from my point of view, copper though can go bad over the years cable can loose its shine if exposed to the elements when the shielding deteriorates. I dont know if telus's lines weather the weather better or have multiple degrees of shielding to the home but I have seen coax cables look rusty as hell on the ends. If you seen a brand new coax you can see the shine on the tips and if consistance throughout would allow the signal to dance on the surface of the shiny copper better than a rusty one.

I have examples throughout the home , constructing in the 70's some wire is new some old with coax but the oldest onces have TV thats all staticy and hardly watchable and where the digital convertor is its clear as a bell and analog on my lower level is very clear but analog on the oldest parts of the home with multiple old rusty coax barely hold the digital signal , but does, but barely but with fine tuning the picture can be clear but the tv tuner gets a work out.

I have other problem though with noisey neighbours, there tunes are cranked blowing my eardrums late at night. What the heck was I talking about?

Oh yeah HPNA , this can be connected through dsl and coax I can't remember who holds the patent to hpna technology. I am sure shaw would since there a cable provider.

Can you measure the reistance from where you connect your cate5e to the wall jack with a frequency tester set to OHMS? Then measure it vs telephone wire?

I have seen inside a telephone wire, wierd stuff some fiber nylon in there wrapped around copper bits, weird stuff I dont understand how the heck nylon would conduct a signal or help but what do I know I dig ditches for a living. Sometimes I put a pole up now and again. But not really anything spectacular fences can get pretty big though. Time consuming.