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Re: Rogers Killing Cable TV

As I mentioned in another thread, the crazy part about this, when you have probably 15 million product-customers ... a single dollar per month represents 180 million dollars profit ... or LOSS if a widespread per customer cost hits them. I'm not trying to justify Rogers actions but when you're dealing with the ability to make or lose $180 million on just a single dollar per customer, it's pretty serious stuff.

It is no wonder that call centres are staffed with low paid workers ... they need to keep costs per customer down. Sadly, what Rogers have failed to realize is that they can keep costs down by having a more reliable service, to no need so many customer support agents because problems get solved on the first call, not the 20th because the agents can't be understood or understand.

Big companies can rise to monumental heights really easily on small margins, and equally they can come crashing down even more easily. (Need I mention Nortel?)

It's finding the balance ... and sadly Rogers has tipped the scale too far against the consumer. It's why I changed to TSI and wish I could change for TV.

Beware though, any company distributing TV services will still be ridiculously expensive.