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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to klally143

Re: Dashboard Blackout!

said by klally143 :

Sounds like the instrument cluster is failing. This has happened to me on my Caravan. Remove the instrument cluster and examine the solder links. They will have hairline cracks through them. after reading the forums from ALLPAR I was able to re-solder them and all has been well for years.

You would be on to something if the radio didn't go off along with the visor going out and the engine idling rough. The cluster has demons of it's own, but the problem here likely is farther up the electrical system then at the cluster.


Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS

OP here: My wife said that 'everything' went haywire. Engine idled rough, and dash lights were out at the same time. Then, everything returned to normal at the same time. Since I performed my 'preventive repair', documented a few posts ago, reports from the spouse are positive. No poltergeist events, and no "almost-starts", which were becoming more common.

Almost-start: Where the engine is cranked for an appropriate amnt of time, then when you let go of the starter, the engine either isn't running, or sputters, then stops. A subsequent attempt succeeds.