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You kids get offa my lawn
San Jose, CA
reply to serbanp

Re: New sonic.net customer questions

said by serbanp:

1) the sonic.net's own speed test tool shows numbers close to what the modem shows. dslreport's speed test gives much lower numbers and very dependent on what server I'm choosing (2.5Mbps/500kbps for LA and less than 1Mbps/700kbps for everywhere else - I tried CO, DC and NJ). Is this normal?

Yes, because you're going through the entire internet to get to these servers. The Sonic one is straight from your network to Sonic's.

2) My home network is wireless and I want to use my Linksys (DD-wrt) to serve it. I disabled WiFi on my Pace4111 modem, configured its LAN4 as a LAN subport and connected my router there. sonic.net does give a second dynamic IP to my router and I can get to the internet.

However, I can't see anymore the Pace modem: is not accessible. To check the line status and so on I have to plug a laptop directly into a LAN port of the Pace modem; this is not convenient.

How should I configure my network so that the Linksys router serves my wireless devices while I can still access wirelessy the Pace modem?

Configure your wireless network to be on 192.168.42.x, if possible. A lot of routers use either the 192.168.x.x or the 10.x.x.x private address spaces.


San Carlos, CA

After reading some more, I don't think that it's possible to use LAN subport and still see the modem from the LAN side.

The LAN subport feature bypasses completely the modem and makes my router talk directly to sonic.net. Because of that, the modem does not see the packets addressed to and can't respond.

Regarding the speed issue, I'm not talking about minor speed degradation - the measured down speed drops to 20% when reaching a server near to the Bay Area (Denver, CO)! Could this mean that sonic's bandwidth is small enough that its customers are fighting for it?



Santa Rosa, CA

You are correct, when the modem wireless is disabled there is no way for you to access the device without a direct wire connection. Unless you configure both wireless to be active on different channels and providing different NAT IP ranges. Unfortunately you would still have to disconnect from your routers wireless and then connect to the Pace wireless to get into the device.

As far as differences to speed tests are concerned you will get different responses based on current usage of the speed test site itself and its location. The further away the more likely to have a higher ping response and slower speeds reported. They are an approximation for all considerations. The most accurate way to measure network speed would be to perform a direct FTP download to your ISP and see the results. The time required to download the test will show you the true network speed.


That should show you how to perform the test on our network.

As far as bandwidth is concerned we monitor the network to maintain the required bandwidth for our customer base. If it appears that usage will affect performance we will upgrade the network accordingly. Here is a link to our CEO blog that will give an idea of our opinion on the matter and how we handle the issue.

»corp.sonic.net/ceo/2011/12/02/we ··· eb-hogs/

Hope this information helps you out!
DSL Support Specialist
Sonic.net, Inc.