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reply to chrisretusn

Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

said by chrisretusn:

I don't think anyone has said is a problem with only proprietary Java code. No one has said open source is invulnerable.

The first post I replied to in this thread, indicated the solution (his solution iirc) was to disable Windows. As if this were a Windows problem. Upon follow up, I was assured the solution was open Java.

It doesn't appear either is a solution for this problem. Windows has earned a reputation for vulnerability on Internet over many years, and Linux a reputation for reliability. Windows has greatly improved it's security, while Linux when used as a desktop or desktop-like system (tablet, very smart phone) is almost always hackable (someone can find a way to get any phone or tablet rooted). Worse most customers are easily hacked by simple social engineering (almost any app will be installed regardless of what it does after installation).

The themes I was fascinated with were; 1) That Windows was the problem (in the case it isn't), and 2) Open source would save users from this hack (apparently not true in this case).

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