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Re: [Voip.ms] Survey / Feedback on restructuring Geo Locations.

said by chrisedwards:

This is still a fairly recent thread so I thought I'd add my thoughts:

1. I don't see a Europe POP mentioned. We have employees travel frequently to Europe and it's nice to have a European POP that they can reliably connect to while overseas. I haven't tried the New York POP though, so it's possible that in various locations in Europe the NY POP would have sufficient pings. In any case I'd love to see a European POP kept.

2. I like the New York POP selection. New York has good connectivity to South America. I get 100-120ms pings to Sao Paulo in Brazil. While higher than what'd you'd see domestically, it's workable.

3. I like Los Angeles POP which has good connectivity to Mexico (~60ms to Puerto Vallarta).

I agree that consideration should be given to customers outside North America. I'm in Salvador, Brazil, most of the time and I find that Montreal offers me one of the best ping times. In my case it beats New York and other U.S. servers. It might be prudent to do some testing to see whether the servers you intend to keep will satisfy customers in Europe, South America and elsewhere.

Latency tends to be overrated. I find up to 160ms perfectly acceptable, with no lag in conversation. Like the poster I've quoted, I am perfectly happy with 120, which is what I get from Salvador to Montreal. I've been using various VOIP services for years from Brazil and, of course, never get the kind of low latency numbers I get while in North America. But it's never been a problem. As somebody else points, out, jitter is another issue--bad jitter is a real problem.