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London, ON
reply to TomTor3

Re: Start Communications - New Packages

said by TomTor3 :

That's not true. D2 can support up to 30Mbps upstream. I know that in Canada 2Mbps upstream speed sounds incredible, but those kind of speeds were common in Europe 5 years ago using D2 technology. Can you guys double-check it? I know Rogers has this kind of ridiculous requirements (like requiring D3 modems in order to increase monthly cap form 60GB to 80GB) but does Start.ca really have to do that too?

All the new speed profiles are configured to use channel bonding, without channel bonding support they can't register to pickup the profile, despite theoretical single channel speeds. Ie, the speed is irrelevant, it's the fact that the new profiles are configured using D3 technology. Even if it was technically possible to have a D2 modem pickup channel bonding (which it can't), Red doesn't allow orders to be submitted with D2 modems on the new speeds and will reject the order/change.