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Etobicoke, ON
reply to TypeS

Re: [Cable] Need faster upload!!!

said by TypeS:

Because I explained how there other alternatives if higher upload is crucial to someone right now while other ISPs catch up?

For pointing how ridiculous it is to compare the speed of an internet service a vital resource to sustain life?

Think its time to re-evaluate what constitutes "dumb".

You're assuming those are viable alternatives. I didn't say it was crucial either but the year is 2013 not 2002.

I don't think it is vital but you're implying that essentially no one has any requirement for reasonable upload speeds and no having to have a money tree to attain those speeds is not reasonable either. I don't consider the "new" speed tiers from Rogers to meet my definition of reasonable either. They bumped up to speeds to make their connections just "usable" but that's about it.


London, ON
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I never said their isn't a need for reasonable upload speeds.

BUT, the OP equated not having better upload speeds to not having better speeds to not having clean drinking water.

The internet, in general, is not a life or death utility.

Yes uploading/streaming HD video is becoming quite commonplace

Yes storing data on the internet via services like those by Amazon, Google, etc. is gaining popularity.

But even still, none of that is as serious or the lack thereof "dire".

Rogers offer 150/10 and Bell offers 50/50 at around the $100 mark. Then there is their 250/250 and 175/175 plans (although so narrowly available at moment.