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New Canaan, CT

[help] Going back to Optimum Online + Voice

I've had mixed results with ATT DSL for the past couple years and was previously a optimum online customer for a number of pre-DSL years. Based on speed/quality of the DSL line, the features of OV and the triple play deal, I'd like to go back.

My only concern at this point is how it will work with an ADT alarm system. I see a number of older threads here about no support, and others that say it's no big deal. From what I gather, it's CV that has to do the rewiring to force all phone traffic through the alarm system first, then to all the phones in the house. I read one post from someone here that only one phone jack worked in the house...this would not be acceptable!

As to the power concerns, I don't think I care...we have a generator in the house that kicks on automatically during a power loss.

Aside from any tech fees upfront for wiring, etc. I've also been seeing people complain about an extra fee from ADT...seems to be related to some sort of battery backup? Again, with a generator I don't think I need this...

Can anyone comment who has OV AND ADT actively running at their home? What are the pitfalls, extra fees, etc?

Allendale, NJ
My ADT worked just fine with OV

Account deleted

New Jersey
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megalosaurus has an innovative solution... He installed a second RJ31X jack. So switching services just requires moving a few plugs.
»Re: Optimum Voice installation wiring/jack question

You might want to consider getting a cellular backup. You may also need ADT to turn off the phone line monitoring.


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You will need to tell the rep that you have an alarm when ordering service. This ensures that the task makes it onto the work order. When the work is complete, ask the technician to wait while ADT tests the alarm.