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[Qwest] Worth giving up the "Price-for-life" speed and

Hey everyone,

I live in a condo and still have Qwest's "Price-for-life" Internet service without a phone line, it's 7 mbps and I pay $46.99.

I called them and now they have 12 meg speeds, and they say the standard normal price is $50 a month, +$2 or so in taxes, and for 6 months I can get a special deal, for I think $45 a month - however I have to give up the price for life - but the rate has no contract.

What do you guys think? Seems to make sense, but I wouldn't want the price to go up to say $60-$70 after a few years.



Tarboro, NC

Re: [Qwest] Worth giving up the "Price-for-life" speed

for the most part it has gotten cheaper and faster. Though there are two important things to consider now that you're a part of centurylink.

1. no matter what the sales rep on the phone says, they don't offer true dry loop dsl. Sounds like they did tell you there would be taxs on it. I'd bet it would be more than a couple of dollars. May depend on your state though.

2. check others around you with the same speed package and make sure they're getting it constantly. Seems i've read some people upgrade from their nicely working, all though slightly slower, plan to end up with something less stable and slower than what they had with no luck going back to what they had. makes no sense to me how or why.

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reply to zirc
said by zirc :

...I called them and now they have 12 meg speeds, and they say the standard normal price is $50 a month, +$2 or so in taxes, and for 6 months I can get a special deal, for I think $45 a month ...

And what is the rate after 6 months?

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After the 6 months they said it would be $50 a month plus tax, he told me $50 is the "standard" rate on this speed in my area.


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Thanks for the feedback..I will definitely ask my neighbors about there speed. I was very specific in that I don't have a phone line, he said he could get me a better deal if I have a phone line, but the prices he quoted are for the dry loop - think they could change that without being in a contract?

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Keep in mind that my opinion here is based on my Centurylink connection not exactly being one that could be considered "stable".

My experience has been that Centurylink DSL speeds for me have been inconsistent in that my connection will run at the 6mb that it's supposed to be at for a few months. Then there will be several months of ultra slow speeds where tech support can't find a reason for the slow up. Then for no apparent reason (at least not apparent to the Centurylink folks I talk with) the speeds will return to normal for awhile.

My point here being...if you're consistently getting the speeds you're supposed to with your current connection, then my opinion is to stick with what you have until it goes belly up at some point. That way you'd have the other speed to sign up for and that would then either get your speed back or give you some additional leverage to get Centurylink to fix your "new" connection that you just signed up for (and paying more for).

The other rub as you mentioned is that the $50.00 + taxes rate could go up at any time and you have no way of knowing that if it's not a contracted rate.

Overall, my opinion is to stick with something that's working and you know the rate won't go up on.


Thank you, I think that's what I'll end up doing, the line has been stable and met most of my needs, appreciate the input!