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reply to MarkC23

Re: [Northeast] Fios-8x8

8x8 voip is one step above string and 2 cans


reply to MarkC23
u have fios at your business location and u choose to take 8x8 over fios digital voice? what kind of SLA does 8x8 offer you. why try to save a couple of dollars and use a unheard of voip service? i hope for your business sake it is working again.


Ellicott City, MD
reply to MarkC23
First to the fax question-
Verizon will not fix the baud rate on out going faxes. I have a corp fax machine for out going faxes.

Second - to the VOIP one on one comment
You have no clue, zero clue what you are taking about! Verizon
has sip vs dig voice for fios users. I have div voice in my home office. I have 8x8 that I take with me to my other office. I am adding two lines to system. I have spent 8 plus hours on the phone with 8x8 plus Verizon. I run a business and have no time to fix others issues.

Last week Verizon knocked out the routing for all users for east coast because of ? no one knows

andrew z

I work in elkridge which is next to ellicott city. I started having issues the same day with 8x8. they keep blaming fios too. I just had a dropped outgoing call. I've spent hours trying to get this fixed with 8x8's tech support. they had me change some settings in the actiontech router, and then go back to blaming it on verizon. does anyone know whats going on. Everyone else in my office building (office suites) has voip with other carriers and no one else is having issues so it has to be with 8x8.....


Howell, NJ
call in to report this. vz knows about issue fios data and voip.


reply to andrew z
Yep, it's happening again. Our 8x8 service was back up and running for 10 days and today only 25% of our calls connect. Actually, they connect without audio on our end.

8x8 is again pointing to our Actiontec router. Why would this suddenly be a problem? Nothing changed our end...so who changed something?


reply to andrew z
Mark & Andrew,
Our offices are next to the restaurant park in Columbia, basically at the interection of Columbia, Elkridge, & Ellicott City. It sounds to me like this problem is rather localized.

Had a similar problem at home when Comcast put too many users on one trunk and band-width dropped. That's when we switched to Verizon Fios at home.

I wonder if they have messed with the infrastructure locally, thus reducing our band-width.

Any ideas as to how to combat this? Should we join forces? You can contact me at 443-755-0790...if you can get through :/


Howell, NJ
just call tech support. they have a process in place for these issues


Pomona, CA
reply to Mopsmom1
Vz is aware of the issue you are describing. You will need to do leg work with your voip provider and get some tracert logs and then escalate to verizon tier 2


Phoenix, AZ
reply to mopsmom1
Have read these posts on the Verizon FIOS 8x8 issue. I'm having similar issues with two of my 4 folks in the Phila area that have Verizon FIOS. These two folks recently signed up with FIOS. I'll be watching these comments to see if any recommendations (static ip, hardware changes, etc) come out of this.