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Greenwich, CT
reply to itguy05

Re: Another Reason to Not Use CFLs...

said by itguy05:

Halogen lamps also emit UV.
As do regular old fluorescent lights.

Much ado about nothing, IMHO. Especially since I'd say most are used in some sort of fixture that will include a glass cover.

Shame really as I like the look of Daylight CFL's much better than the nasty, ugly incandescent "soft white" light.

Yeah I hate the soft whites, I ended up getting a 4100K bulb it's OK but it takes like 2-3 min to get full bright..

I can't fit my Maxlite bulb in the NuTone fan but I would really like that one it's instant start to full brightness but it's about 1/2 too long and I can't fit the cover on..

I ended up getting that maxlite and a 105 watt CFL from 1000 bulbs about 3 years ago, I would order more but you need a min order of like $20 before they shipped (unless they changed)
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