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Cherry Valley, NY

[HN7000S] Problems since 1/1/13. Obvious traffic. Web accel. iss

So I've been going 'round & 'round with them for several days now. My signal almost non-existent - worse than dial-up since 1/1 beginning rather early in the day - 10:30 usually.

Been a customer for years. Used to traffic issues around 3:30. OK, don't need to be on then. But I do work from home. I am constructing a website for a new business. Stop my service daily at 10:30?!?

Had enough and called on Thurs 1/10 and complained. Did the usual unplug everything, plug directly into the modem. They want to send out a tech for free, and "possibly bring along a used modem that might work better". And, by the way, I might want to think about Gen4. I would have jumped on it in the first place if there weren't so many issues apparent. But sign another contract just so that my service returns? Don't plan on doing that.

After much hand wringing, voila, my coverage returns to normal late Thursday. Fine for several days. Figure I won't need the tech. Returned a message today about scheduling and advise I think we can cancel. Of course, minutes later, realize I'm down again.

As an aside, I notice several web acceleration issues in the grid. (One DNS acceleration issue today, but that's the first.) Read someone's suggestion to try to remove their web accelerator. Go to the advanced and find:

"Turbo Page Advanced Configuration is disabled"

Been on their web forum. Ask for help to disable this. They insist I must meet with their tech. That web acceleration issues are very possibly tied into my equipment?!?

1) I don't want to sign up for 2 more years and be strong-armed into Gen4. I can predict right now that they'll say this is the only way I can continue service. Somewhere else (here) I read that a tech advised someone the 7000s would stop getting service after 1/1/13 as everyone was switched over to Gen4.

2) I recall many saying what a good modem the 7000S is. It has been fine for my needs. Not looking to download videos or play games. Just do my work which means access e-mail and browse the web. If they offer to replace it with something else free, what modem to avoid?!?

3) And is a web acceleration problem necessarily tied into my 7000s?!?

They have also claimed that my issue is "Answered". No, it's not.

I have only 1 alternative here - Exede - which means a new contract. And I may be moving sooner than 2 years. Believe me, I've checked every other provider, and Hughes & Exede are my only options at this location. I don't even have cell coverage.

Thanks for plowing through all of this. Any advice, tech, practical or spiritual is welcome.



Re: [HN7000S] Problems since 1/1/13. Obvious traffic. Web accel.

I have just read in your post what happened to me as a way of being made to move out of my perfectly serviceable 4000 modem to a 9000. Your problem wont go away, however many hours you spend on the phone with Hodgey, until you upgrade.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
reply to peg645
I ordered a Gen4, but I'm a skeptic. I felt that early trendind of ViaSat/Exede sales forced Hughes to release a product that wasnt quite ready for primetime. So I kept my otherwise well performing HN7000S equipment and account active. Within 2 weeks I cancelled the Gen4 and turned the 7000 system back on. I'm currently awaiting a full Gen4 refund, less the two weeks of disappointing and impaired service

I may try Gen4 again later, but for now I'm satisfied to connect with the more reliable 7000 system. I have plenty of spare parts compatible with several 7000 configurations. Maybe yours just needs a tune up

HN7000S - 98cm Prodelin/2w "pure" Osiris - ProPlus - G16/1001H - NOC:GTN - NAT - Gateway - DNS and - Firefox 15/MSIE9 - AV/Firewalled by NIS2012