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[Line Problem] Hops with "ATT" hostname only

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Traceroute from Vancouver Island Central
Hello, I am in western BC Vancouver Island and I had a static problem Telus had just finished repairing on my phone like this week and just wondering why I see so many hops labeled ATT with no TLD hear is a example traceroute I have seen this so many times but wondering why this happens. Is the network stripping down or not working at all or failing or something if someone could maybe shine a light on this for my I would appreciate it. Just curious I uploaded a attachment

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Are you referring to the "ATT" hop? That IP address actually belongs to Level 3. However, to answer your question, AT&T uses "MultiProtocol Label Switching" ("MPLS") on their routes. That may actually be a port on AT&T hardware, and there is no telling why it lacks a proper FQDN ("Fully Qualified Domain Name"). In any case, this is an AT&T DSL user-to-user self-help forum. There are likely only a small handful of AT&T DSL users who know what happens on the AT&T Tier 1 transit network.
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