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Powder Springs, GA
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Re: [Home Network] Home Networking > Westell 327w VersaLink as W

May be a loaded question, but why are you trying to do this ? Wireless ethernet router ?

1. Why would you need to "connect" the Versalink to your dsl modem ? It's already a dsl modem/router combo, so just plug that in instead & configure it the way you want.

2. Why would you need to take the 327 to a hotel ? Does your laptop or access device not have a wifi ? It's a broadcast device only.



Great questions!

I am actually planning to test our local Comcast service to see how they compare to my DSL service, so having a wireless router would be avoid having to get upgraded home networking services that close to triple the price of Internet service. Unfortunately, cable Internet cannot use a DSL gateway as they are setup, but some, like the Westell, can be re-configured as Ethernet routers.

Also, I can have the Westell as a spare backup DSL modem, since I will be doing some work from home and I want to be up as much as possible.

For work, I will also need to travel, and some destinations will not have any wireless Internet, just a wired Ethernet connection. If I have my Westell, then I can use it to hookup wireless from any location without wifi available. (and yes, my laptop has wifi, but not some of the places I am planning to go).