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Cool Cat
Happy Valley
reply to Sukunai

Re: Netflix the good is great but the bad is astounding

I watched Yellow Brick Road today. My god how bad can a film actually get? It has absolutely not one single aspect worthy of anything but the foulest of remarks.

( One film decides everything?)

It makes me wonder, does Netflix actually pay to air these shows?
It's incredible that they could even consider free an acceptable price.

(Free equates to price? What?)

But I DO enjoy watching TV shows all the way back to my distant youth. And there are so many to pick from. It fills the day.

(Love..Hate relationship?)

But if you are thinking of getting Netflix just for the movies, well, during that week of free trial, I suggest you look at just movies before making your decision. For just movies, Netflix might not be much of a deal even at just 8 bucks a month.

(So, what alternatives do you suggest?)
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