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Chatsworth, CA
reply to customer

Re: Introducing DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone

said by customer :

Thanks for the info. I never knew that is possible. When you say it uses existing phone lines, I assume that means no re-wiring is needed right? Also can someone revert back to AT&T and regular DSL without any hassles or would they be locked into Fusion for good?

Clients with AT&T phone service are the easiest to convert to the new platform. That is good news for all of our existing clients! Since the line is already connected, in nearly all instances the line will change over and won't require any rewiring. In our initial testing we haven't encountered a conversion order like that which required any rewiring. With that said the service is guaranteed up to the MPOE/NID and any inside wiring would be the customers responsibility. I have to give the disclaimer.

Clients can switch back to regular AT&T phone service and standard DSL through DSL Extreme if they so choose. We don't know why you would but you aren't locked in (outside of any contract commitments) and can change back if you wish.
General Manager
DSL Extreme
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