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reply to Rastan

Re: keeping log...

said by Rastan:

Apparently, the reason why Teksavvy chose not to oppose Voltage Pictures is because they think the new copyright laws prevent them from doing this. I don't understand how Teksavvy's legal team could misinterpret the new law this badly but this is the reason Marc gave.

I wonder if Voltage Picture's legal team was able to intimidate Teksavvy's legal team into not opposing them.

Yeah I saw that. But does that even make any sense at all? Their lawyers would have to be pretty damn bad (lack of a better word) if that was the paid legal advice given to them.

I think there is more to it than that. Has to be a scapegoat reply he gave to get people off his back. Even Copyright expert Howard Knopf called them out on this.

See this topic/post for the best reason going so far:
»Re: Voltage Versus Teksavvy, Round 2 Continued

It's only a guess. But a damn good one.