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Lex Luthor
Hicksville, NY
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Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 Multimedia Device Issue

Don't give up on me yet. This is a challenge! I (we) are going to figure this out yet.

Made some progress tonight.

I disabled the WLAN on my Windows 7 laptop and connected it via Ethernet and it then communicates with the TV!

So, here's the network.

TV -Ethernet
Windows 8 PC - Ethernet
Windows 7 PC - WLAN
Samsung Galaxy S3 - WLAN

The WDTV can act as a media player for both the Windows 7 PC and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The TV can act as a media player for the Windows 8 PC.

If I connect the Windows 7 PC via Ethernet, then the TV sees it and the WDTV doesn't.

The TV can't act as a media player for the Samsung Galaxy S3 nor can they see each other to use the Galaxy S3 as a wireless remote.

Why can my wireless devices talk to each other and my wired devices talk to each other, but the wireless devices can't talk to the wired devices?!

Connecting a different router might be an option, but it'd be a big PITA since I have Fios and need the router in place for the coax connection. I supposed I could connect another router without internet access, but not sure how valid a test that would be or if any devices would act up without having internet access.

Any ideas?