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Bon Aqua, TN

bad service now?

Normally during the winter my verizon service actually got better... But sense christmas our speeds have dropped to .02 to .15mbps.. Uploads vary from .45 to .85 here... We called verizon and they ended up putting in a support ticket after going through the trouble shooting routine.. They ended up calling me (which my phone never rang btw) and left a voicemail saying that my area was in a fringe coverage area and that I should have looked at the maps before becoming a customer etc... Thats fine and dandy, cept for two things..

1. they claim 3g is all over my area on their map, 4g, its all around us, but labeled as extended..

2. The service for the past 4 years has done pretty well during winter and this is the first it has been this slow!!

They recommended that I purchased their network extender for $250 and run it through my non existant broadband connection (stupidest damn invention ever, being that alotta folks that could use it can't)..

Its not just one phone thats having this problem.. All of em is, and the data transfer has been erratic when its on the upper end of the .15mbps... I'm not sure what the hell is going on.. If i drive up to the tower roughly in the same direction as my house would be, I get a great connection... As far as I know there hasn't been any sky scrapers erected sense december, and trees don't grow that fast.....

Anyone have any similar issues such as this? I'm thinking of going ATT wireless being I get a better voice quality on a trak phone running through att than with verizon with an iphone4

On The Road
MHO, Verizon doesn't care. When they upgrade or fix antenna on a tower (install 4G?) they change the position of an antenna and you don't have coverage. This was true when they started adding 3G to towers.

So, don't be loyal to any carrier since they will not help you. Go with ATT if they have better coverage. Or whatever.


Bon Aqua, TN
Its looking like that will happen :-/ Wonder if you can port everyones number under a family share plan or just the main account number for the phones

Bangor, ME
You should be able to port all numbers linked to your account, theres no reason why you would only be able to port the main line. Good luck and have fun with your new carrier.


Bon Aqua, TN
Cool, thanks!