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Etobicoke, ON

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reply to Tx

Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

said by Tx:

We also managed off our Netflix sub as well as zero issues with 2 voip lines. Being a business owner who depends on his connection being fast, and relies on the voip lines, i survived, it was managed. This was the only point to what i said. You are of the minority who believe you cannot live with 5meg. Should 5 meg even be sold anymore? no, it's exactly like you compared it to. We're 2013 and 5 meg shouldn't even be advertised at it's ridiculous price

So you not being able to run netflix was your own problem, not the 5 meg. Our house had no issues running it, my father in-law's off Bell 5 meg when we're up north runs netflix no problem. You're debating with me if it's survivable, not even sure why. All i said was we could get around with it if we had to.

Either way, this is going off topic considering there is a bigger issue at hand as this thread mentions and i'm very curious about but seems to lack any proper response

No, it wasn't my problem. Considering one Netflix session consumes a whole 5 Mbps (encoding is at 3800 Kb/sec + audio track + TCP overhead) line where is the bandwidth for me to download too? DSL 5 Mbps is not 5 Mbps either, it is 4.3. I specifically upgraded because it simply was not enough bandwidth to get by comfortably. The year isn't 2000. What I'm willing to accept to "get by" isn't the same.