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Edgewood, TX
reply to wftomlin1

Re: Home Fusion disconnects

been getting the occasional disconnect too. check the modem and I've got a flashing red light on the 4G indicator. Try to access the modem with a browser and it comes up but says the HBA is `Unreachable'. Wait about 5 mins and still got the flashing red light, but for some odd reason, I can get out to the internet just fine. Speeds are good as expected, but according to the main screen on the modem, it's showing the HBA as unreachable.

I sure hope this gets fixed pretty damn soon.

Another complaint I have is this HBR and HBA setup, which is the goofiest crap I've seen in how this is supposedly working. The HBA (Cantenna) has it's own damn DHCP and DNS, then it's supposedly bridged to the HBR (router), which has a DHCP and DNS too. I simply can't figure out why they went with such a setup..

All they needed was a antenna with a 1W amplifier on it and just have all the radio gear in the modem.

Oh well hopefully in the not too distant future, software and firmware upgrades will make the HBR and HBA more easy to understand and configure.