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Ukiah, CA
reply to Subaru

Re: [hard drive] WD Caviar Blue failure rates?

I was going to say, the issue in the first post was indicative of something other than the hard drive. The DVD/hard drive activity LEDs flashing like that is the PC rebooting itself rapidly, pre-POST.

I had an HP PC at work act similarly recently, it would eventually settle down and POST after being left on for a couple of minutes. It ended up being a faulty power supply (12v rail was pretty high but I'm not sure if that was the exact cause). The hard drives acted pretty spastic as well until the power supply was replaced.

Greenwich, CT
I checked it with my meter and I got 12.3 on the 12V rail, I tried to get almost everything installed before leaving for work but I wont be able to install the anti virus program until I get back home later today.

Also I had a motherboard go out, it was a gigabyte, about a week before it started doing crazy things like being slow, hanging up.. well one day it finally died, when you powered on all it did was make a low tone continuous tone, it ended up taking out one of my samsung hard drives along with it but not the 2nd one.
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