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Separate port 4 into separate vlan

Hi all,

New to the forum and to Netgear products. I got a WNR2200 100UKS N300 router at the end of last year and have been really impressed with it so far, having the USB port has been really useful.

My fiancée recently signed up for the Screenwise Panel for Google research. Basically they monitor your TV usage and your internet usage. As part of the program they installed a Cisco WIFI router. I've got no issue with them logging the sites visited etc but I'm a little worried about them possible collecting private information (banking / work related stuff) that I don't want going out there. According to what I've read what's supposed to happen is they replace your router with the new Cisco router.

The "technician" who came in and installed the router was actually a builder and not an IT technician and rather than replace our router he connected the Cisco router into port 4 of our router... I wasn't in at the time.

So, I saw on another forum where someone has signed up for this program, the person posted the following:

What I was looking to do is separate Port 4 of my router into a separate VLAN that can access the internet, but not access anything on ports 1-3, or the wireless. However, I want to be able to see everything on port 4 from the other side (in other words I want to see "into" the port 4 VLAN, but don't want them to see out). I also wanted DHCP to assign IP addresses correctly depending on where you were plugged in. In this example the first VLAN (your current router ip address) is going to be on, and the second VLAN (the new on we create on port 4) is going to be on
This is exactly what I'm looking to do, I could then connect the kids machines / tablets / ipods to the Cisco router and have the main machine and my work laptop on the main router... but I don't have a clue how to do it.

Is this something that I am able to do with the Netgear router I own and is it hard to set up?

Sorry if this post is in the wrong part, I wasn't too sure where to put it.

Hope someone can help.